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Achtergrond informatie
Land van oorsprong Verenigde Staten / United States

Salada White Front: Salada White Back
Salada White - Tagline
A bachelor is a man who can be miss-led only so far
A fine is a tax for doing wrong. A tax is fine for doing well
A good husband is one who feels in his pockets whenever passing a mail box
A good idea that is shared with others will live forever
A gossip is one who keeps a swivel tongue in her head
A man can injure his own pride by tripping over his own bluff
A man cannot hold another person down without stoopnig himself
A man is young only as long as he looks
A misplaced " I" can transform the marital relationship into a martial one
A practical nurse is one who marries a wealthy patient
A raving beauty is a girl who finished second in a beauty contest
A Smile is a language that even a baby understands
A summer camp is where little children go for Mother's vacation
A wedding ring is a one man band
A wise man will make more opprtunities than he finds
All children are as good as gold on April 15th
All progress stems from change but all change is not necessarily progress
All true blessings are multiplied by sharing them
Always hold your head up but keep your nose at a friendly level
An explosive situation can often be eased by a few carefully chosenwords, softly spoken
An overweight person who is hungry as a horse should learn to (say) " Nay"
Anybody who rests on laurels keeps them in the wrong place
As every minute particle of gold is valulable so is every minute of life
"Better late than never" is good but not nearly as good as " Better never late"
Be a good loser, but don't make it a habit
Be yourself. No one else can do that better than you
Better people to make a better world aer made in the home
Blesed are those who go around ni circles, for they shall be called "big wheels"
Blessed is he who expects nothing for he shall never be disappointed
Blessed is the man who, having nothing to say, remains silent
Bowling tends to get kids off the streets and into the alleys
Celebrate by having a good time you'll never forget - not one you can't remember
Celebrations you'll never forget are better than those you can't remember
Children are often expected to learn good manners without seeing any
Common Sense is what the world calls wisdom
Conceit is simple a matter of "I" strain
Correction does much, but encouragement does more
Do not squander time, for that is the stuff life is made of
Doing less than the average keeps the average down
Don't be a carbon copy of somebody else - make your own impression
Don't complain because rose bushes have thorns; be glad that they have roses
Don't worry about finding your station in life. Somebody will tell you where to get off
Drive carefully; the car you save may some day belong to you
Drive like a nut and you may soon get cracked
Drivers who hug the wrogn curves sometimes cause accidents
Eating too much will make you thick at your stomach
Education is what a man gets when he talks with a group of teen-agers
Envy is akind of praise
Even moderation ought not to be practiced to excess
" Finding time" is difficult. If you want time, make it
" Finding time" is difficult. If you want time, make it
Few people recgnize opportunity because it is disguised as hard work
Generally speaking, women have been famous for untold ages
Getting into hot water tends to keep you clean
Giving birth to an idea is one thing; raising it to maturity is another
Giving till it hurts makes some people extremely sensitive to pain
Happiness is not a station you arrive at, but a manner of traveling
He is lonely who builds himself a wall instead of a bridge
He who loses his head is usually the last one to miss it
He who rises like a rocket often falls like a rock
If success came easily, everyone would be successful
Intuition enables a woman to put two and two together and get your number
It is often the last key on the ring which opens the door
It's foolish to work up a head of steam unless you know what's cooking
Listen before judging and think before speaking
Many people will give an honest day's work but they want a week's pay for it
Marriages may be made in heaven, but man performs the maintenance work
Modern girls adore spinning wheels - four of them and a apare
More people are run down by gossip than by automobiles
Only one who gives happiness deserves happiness.
People who have found that money can't buy everything often use credit cards
People you should get even with are those who have helped you
Performance is always preferred over promises
The best way to convince a man he is wrong is to let him have his own way
The character of the giver is shown more by the manner of giving than by the gift itself
The first requirement in solving a problem is to understand it
The next best thing to knowign a fact is knowing where to find it
There's a difference between rising to the top and going up in the air
Think of others people's worries and your own do not seem important any more
To be most happy, keep so busy you have no time to be unhappy
Today you will double your money by folding it and slipping it back in your pocket
Too many of us don;t care what happens so long as it doesn't happen to us
Treat your friends kindly if it weren't fot hem, you'd be a total stranger
We'd all be succesful if we followed the advice we give others
When you are right you can afford to keep your temper
When you stop to think don';t forget to start again
When your work speaks for itself, don't interrupt
Work is only well donw when it is done with a will
Yesterday is gone; tomorrow never comes; today is here; get busy
You are ony young once, but you can stay immature indefinitely
You can look very spic if your span is not too great
Your conscience, like a buzing beem can make you feel uneasy without stinging you
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Salada White - Deep flavor
Deep A vacation is a trip that puts you in the pink and leaves you in the red
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Salada Red - Premium
Premium Ability is a wonderful thing but its value is greatly enhanced by dependability
Premium A biology book worm devours gardening books
Premium A comic with a toothache is no laughing matter
Premium Age doesn't matter unless you're cheese
Premium Aging autocrat: wrinkled stuffed shirt
Premium A glutton loves all see food
Premium A hermit loves his wealth of poverty
Premium A job transfer can be a moving experience
Premium Always drive as if your children were in the other car
Premium A mime is an actor with nothing to talk about
Premium An egotist is a person who is always "me-deep" in conversation
Premium an IOU is a paper wait
Premium A nervous lepidopterist has butterflies in the stomach
Premium A person is not rewarded for having brains, only for using them
Premium Apartment hunting …. Scouring for a pad
Premium A promise is the only thing that must be kept to be given
Premium A satisfied philatilist is stuck on his job
Premium A smile is a window on your face that shows your heart is at home
Premium Beavers give a dam for ecology
Premium Bike riders … cyclemates
Premium Chinese diet: one chop stick
Premium Circus high wire walkers are generally high strung
Premium Coal miners usually get to the bottom of a dirty business
Premium con-man … one whose assets depend on his lie-abilities
Premium Construction workers stay riveted to the job
Premium Daredevil waterskiers always make a big splash
Premium Dolphins are great swimmers because they pool together
Premium Do not climb up the ladder of success wrong by wrong
Premium Don't sell yourself short if you want your stock to rise
Premium Don't solve life's problems with cross words
Premium Drive with care … life has no spare
Premium Drugstore cowbouys prefer Rodeo Drive
Premium Elephants move frequently so they always travel with their trunks
Premium Exercise … hard work to gain nothing
Premium Exercis spas specialize in wishful shrinking
Premium Fat lawyers have many lien clients
Premium Food lovers are bigger than their stomachs
Premium Gossip is a dainty morsel eaten with great relish
Premium Happy bees are always on a honeymoon
Premium If you don't try, you can't fail
Premium If you have a foot fetish you're a shoo-in for the psychiatrist
Premium If you show people you are a live wire, they will not step on you
Premium If you want a place in the sun, you have to have a few blisters
Premium In the land of the blind, the one-eyed manis seldom seen
Premium Invest in laughter. It pays unlimited dividends
Premium Isaac Newton was never let down by his theory of gravitation
Premium It's just as easy to look for the good things in life rather than the bad
Premium Just because a path is well beaten is no proof it's the right one
Premium Kittens never cry over spilled milk
Premium Laughter fills an empty stomach
Premium Laughter is the shock absorber of life's blows
Premium Librarians are novel lovers
Premium Life is like basketball … take a shot or dribble it away
Premium Love: that magical bond where one and one is far more than just two
Premium Management like trees, dies first at the top
Premium Marriage has its ups and downs, especially when you're married to a yoyo
Premium Next boat to dock after the Mayflower: the Juneflower
Premium Obesity is habit forming .. It grows on you
Premium Old pantyhose never die, they just run away
Premium Old principals never die, the just lose their faculties
Premium Only a light bulb can go out every night and still be bright the next day
Premium Paul Bunyan's son is a chip off the old block
Premium Penitentiary … guilt complex
Premium People who are two faced age twice as fast
Premium Pessimist … someone who always looks on the blight side
Premium Pirates sail in thug boats
Premium Potatoes have their eyes peeled for company
Premium Professor driving 4x4 truck: Rhodes scholar
Premium Remember, old stock brokers never die, they just yield to maturity
Premium Road maps tell you everything except how to fold them
Premium Scrambled eggheads can't digest their own logic
Premium Shakespeare ode much to publishers
Premium Shepherds never have the wool pulled over their eyes
Premium Shot putters usually have throes of pain
Premium Smart golfers never play through without a tea
Premium Smart kurds find a whey
Premium Sometimes playing a tune is a little easier than facing music
Premium Sour grapes are gripe food
Premium Technicians at Cape Canaveral always think og launch time
Premium Tennis … the only game to achieve love and get nothing
Premium The best things in life are fees
Premium The cinfused tourist doesn't "where" well
Premium The first mountain climber to reach the top never has a pique
Premium The golden rule tarnishes unless polished with use
Premium The king's tailor makes a fine coat of arms
Premium The most effective way to cope with chane is to help create it
Premium The only thing free of charge is a run down battery
Premium The secret of happiness is not in doing what one likes, but in liking what one has to do
Premium The wash-n-wear era came after the iron age
Premium Thrift is the thief of extravagance
Premium Time heals all wounds and wounds all heels
Premium To ford a logjam on an ancient river: cross the Styx
Premium To overlook the little things in life is to miss the biggest part of life itself
Premium To work in the ice cream parlor you have to attend sundae school
Premium Travelling song birds always carry a tune
Premium Verbose tribal lawyers beat around the bush
Premium Well-times silence has more eolquence than speech
Premium What businessmen do at a regatta: have a sails meeting
Premium What you say reveals much. What you don't say reveals much more
Premium When you tease someone under a pine tree you neddle them
Premium Wisdom is the ability to discover alternatives
Premium "You can't catch more flies with honey"said the outfielder
Premium Your thoughts can't soar if you think like a turkey
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Salada Red - Small Tag lines (Serif)
red_serifA "blushing bride" may be just flushed with victory
red_serifA confirmed bachelor is one who has unalterable views
red_serifA pat on the back is moer powerful than a kick in the pants
red_serifA pinch of probability is to be preferred over a pound of possibility
red_serifA rear view mirror with a policeman in it would greatly enhance driving safety
red_serifA ship is always referred to as SHE - perhaps because the upkeep is so high
red_serifA women's intuition is a fiction and a fraud - but practically foolproof
red_serifAbility is fine - but the ability to recognize ability is much better
red_serifAdmit your mistakes but don't brag about them
red_serifAdult education takes place in any home having teen-age children
red_serifAdvice which is asked for is more often headed
red_serifAfter his daughter becomes engaged, Dad becomes a lame-duck father
red_serifAll too often the shortest distance between two points is under construction
red_serifAlways keep your words soft and sweet - just in case you have to eat them
red_serifAn interpreter is almost a "must" if parents aer to understand teen-age lingo
red_serifAn over-simplification can get mighty complicated before becoming practical
red_serifAnytime you kick up a storm, you can't expect smooth sailing
red_serifArguments are brief when someone admits "it's my fault"
red_serifAverages are not reliable indications of any single future event
red_serifBe a "self-starter"and you won't need a "crank" to get you going
red_serifBe a good listener. You can't learn much if you do all the talking
red_serifBear in mind that children tend to heed your example more than your advice
red_serifBeware of people who admit having some faults but being wrong is not one of them
red_serifBooks with unhappy endingd are unusual except for the familiy check book
red_serifCarrying a chip on your shoulder can be a mighty heavy load
red_serifCleanliness may be next to godliness but with children around it's next to impossible
red_serifCompromise holds the promise of keeping happy marriages happy
red_serifConsider your temper as being too valuable to lose
red_serifCut your contribution to air pollution if you want to breathe clean air
red_serifDiplomacy is the art of disagreeing without being disagreeable
red_serifDisagree if you must, but never be disagreeable in doing so
red_serifDoing good for others os good for you, too
red_serifDon't give till it hurts. Give till it feels good. It costs about the same
red_serifDon't miss the boat by sitting around waiting for your ship to come in
red_serifDry roads are desirable - but dry drivers are vital to car safety
red_serifEarning recognition without getting it is better than getting it without earning it.
red_serifemerrgencies often bring out strenghts inus we never knew we had
red_serifEmulate the nail. Its head keeps it from going too far
red_serifEmulate the turtle. To go places you must stick out your neck
red_serifEven a bad child is useful - if used as a bad example
red_serifEven a perfect stranger, once you get to know him, is not really perfect
red_serifFast driving and fast living may get you to the finish line soon
red_serifFigures can be misleading - but those on the cost of living are on the up and up
red_serifFind a way to let a man with a chip on his shoulder take a bow
red_serifFirst think things through then follow through
red_serifFootprints on the sands of time fade away unless you keep moving
red_serifFrustrations cause some men to break; others to break records
red_serifGiving credit where credit is due does wonders for both parties
red_serifGoing around in circles won't make you a big wheel
red_serifGood people make their way by the way they're made
red_serifHow it is said is as important as what is said - so listen with both eyes and ears
red_serifHumility is an elusive thing. When you think you have it, you've lost it
red_serifIf you fumble it, don\'t complain about the way tha ball bounces
red_serifIf you want to be original, just be yourself. No two people are exactly alike
red_serifIt is easier to find excuses for not going to church regularly than it is to attend
red_serifIt is hard to hear what a person says when his character speaks more loudly
red_serifIt is strange that beatniks and stainless steel blades should emerge in the same era
red_serifIt takes a good listener to show genuine concern for others
red_serifIt's best to postpone doing those things you'd make a mess of today
red_serifIt's better to sleep on good deeds planned than toss and turn over bad deeds done
red_serifIt's not until a fish opens its mouth that it gets into trouble
red_serifIt's strange how our idea of "old age" keeps going up as we grow older
red_serifKeep your fears to yourself. Share your courage with others
red_serifLack of a good reason to criticoze is the best reason for not doing so
red_serifLoan sharks thrive in troubled waters
red_serifLook upon problems as opportunities to progress by solving them
red_serifMaybe money can't buy happiness - but is would be fun to find out yourself
red_serifMoney can't buy good health or what it bought a year ago
red_serifMore and more women are now preparing the finest meals you ever thaw
red_serifMost people planning a vacation go to the same place year after year - the bank
red_serifMost things people fail to do are caused by failure to start
red_serifMost wives try to change a man's habits - then complain he's not the man she married
red_serifNever take down a fence until the reason it was built no longer exists
red_serifNobody is good or bad; everybody is good and bad
red_serifOil is supposed to smooth troubled waters - but often it works in reverse
red_serifOnce our opinions get us into trouble; our pride tends to keep us there
red_serifOnly those who agree with us get credit for having good judgement
red_serifOpinions are open to opposition - but it's foolish to feud with facts
red_serifOur courage often gets credit when our stubbnornness should be blamed
red_serifOwning a summer cottage often enhances your popularity
red_serifPeople are different. Some are very appealing - others very appalling
red_serifPerhaps we never had it so good - but it never went so fast either
red_serifProcrastination makes an easy job seem more difficult
red_serifPut the chip on your shoulder to good use. Kindle a fire with it
red_serifPutting things off is procrastination - putting them over is progress
red_serifQuite often it is the things you don't do that you regret most
red_serifRefusing praise when deserved usually brings you double praise
red_serifResting on your past successes will not produce a better tomorrow for you
red_serifSeldom does a shallow thinker make a deep impression
red_serifShort story on safety: he looked; she didn't. He is; she isn't
red_serifSome people are so eager to find fault that you'd think there was a reward
red_serifSome women who admit being 38 can remember things that happened 40 years ago
red_serifThe average taxpayer may be America's first natural resource to be exhausted
red_serifThe battle of the sexes is about over - it's too hard to identify who's who
red_serifThe best conversationalists are not always those who do the most talking
red_serifThe best preparation for success is to be ready for opportunity when it comes
red_serifThe only sharp edged tool that gets sharper with use is the tongue
red_serifThe position you attain in life often depends upon your disposition
red_serifThe real problem with mini-skirts is not the lenght - it's the upcreep
red_serifThere is more to keeping a secret than refusing to tell who told it
red_serifThere's a lot of wasted effort in quarrelling and then making up… so, why start?
red_serifTo multiply your happiness, try dividing it with others
red_serifTwo weeks on vacation never seems as long as two weeks on a diet
red_serifWater power, in the term of tears, is a woman's greatest natural resource
red_serifWe can credit the space program for making our taks dollars go farther
red_serifWe used to resist change - now we accept change in the name of progress
red_serifWear your seat belt, It's much more comfortable than a lot of other things
red_serifWhat is the generation of beatniks coming to? - certainly not the barbershop
red_serifWhen all else fails, governmetns usually act wisely
red_serifWhen she finds the right buoy, a girl usually wants to embark upon the sea of matrimony
red_serifWhen somebody compliments you on looking young, it may have a double meaning
red_serifWhen you crack a smile you increase its value
red_serifWhen you get too old to set a bad example, you can start giving advice
red_serifWhen your luck is down, keep your courae up. The tide always turns
red_serifWomen often use make up to keep men from reading between the lines
red_serifWomen who think a man is never safe when he is out would make good umpires
red_serifWork while you wait for ship to come in - or hardship could arrive
red_serifWork while you wait. It's easier to be [patient when you're busy than when idle
red_serifWorld crises teach us a lot of geography we'd rather get along without
red_serifWrong doing can result from leaving something undone as well as doing something wrong
red_serifYou can get in over your head in a river that averages only two feet deep
red_serifYou can't live in the past nor in the future. Live now and be thankful
red_serifYou can't pay-as-you-go until you've paid up for where you've been
red_serifYou don't deserve credit for giving up what you should have stopped long ago
red_serifYou just might lose your shirt if you put too much on the cuff
red_serifYou may not like the crew - but don't sink the ship or you go down, too
red_serifYou're an old-timer if you can remember when they talked of "millions for defense"
red_serifZip-up-the-back dresses deserve credit for bringing man and wife together
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Salada Red - Small Tag lines (Sans Serif)
red_sansA book shut tight, is but a block of paper
red_sansA person who follows the crowd will never be followed by a crowd
red_sansA playboy records his daily activities in a loose-life note book
red_sansA small debt produces a debtor; a large one an enemy
red_sansAmnesia: Blank account
red_sansCorrection does much but encouragement does more
red_sansEvereybody should have some secret sorrows; don't tellothers all your troubles
red_sansHead cold: rheum at the top
red_sansHumor is the hole that lets the sawdust out a stuffed shirt
red_sansIf you could give but one gift, make it the gift of a good example
red_sansIf you don't try, you can't fail
red_sansInclude in your ups-and-downs - getting uop in the morning and getting down to work
red_sansIt is much easier to be critical than correct
red_sansit's just as easy to look for the good things in life rather than the bad
red_sansIt's never too soon to do a kindness, and you never know how soon it may be too late
red_sansLove: That magical bond where one and one is fatr more than just two
red_sansManus vittle statistics
red_sansMost of us could use more horsepower with less exhaust
red_sansMost people put on weight in certain places-like dining rooms
red_sansMummies: Egyptians that were pressed for time
red_sansNever be diverted from the truth by what you would like to believe
red_sansNothing is ever lost by courtesy
red_sansOne should learn to disagree without becoming disagreeable
red_sansOpportunities are seldom labeled
red_sansPeople seldom want to walk over you until you lie down
red_sansSkepticism is best when coupled with plans to imporve
red_sansSympathy is never wasted except when you give it to yourself
red_sansThe minute you get the idea you're indispensible, you aren't
red_sansThe purpose of accumulating knowledge is to use that knowledge to think
red_sansThe test of good manners is to be able to put up pleasantly with bad ones
red_sansWasting time is just about the same as wasting life\
red_sansWindow shopping: eye browse
red_sansWisdon is the ability to discover alternatives
red_sansWith two eyes and one tongue you should see twice as much as you say
red_sansBoston Tea Party Bicentennial
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Salada Red - Large Tag lines
red_largeA book shut tight, is but a block of paper
red_largeA small debt produces a debtor; a large one an enemy
red_largeAbility is a wonderful thing but its v alue is greatly enhanced by dependability
red_largeBe sure your conversation generates more light than heat
red_largeCompulsive golfer: crackputt
red_largeCourtesy is contagious. Spread it
red_largeExperience is the name everyone gives to his mistakes
red_largeFailure is the path of least persistence
red_largeForty is the old age of youth; fifty is the youth of old age
red_largeGardener's assistant: member of the weeding
red_largeHappiness is a by product of an effort to make someone else happy
red_largeHappiness: it can only be truly found within
red_largeIf everything appears to be going well, you've obviously overlooked something
red_largeIt's all right to drink like a fish, providing you drink what a fish drinks
red_largeLaughter is the shock absorber of life's blows
red_largeNo one is a failure who is enjoying life
red_largeNo one's credit is as good as his money
red_largeNobody ever got his mind dirty doing hard work
red_largeNothing is abvious to the uninformed
red_largeOne of the rarest things that a man ever does is to do the best he can
red_largeReal estate venture: plot luck
red_largeRegatta: Sails meeting
red_largeSecond thoughts are always wiser
red_largeSmiles are just like colds - they're catching
red_largeSome minds are like concrete - all mixed up and permanently set
red_largeSometimes the best thing to get off your chest is your chin
red_largeThe best kind of wrinkles indicate where smiles have been
red_largeThe greatest remedy for anger is delay
red_largeThe only sure thing about luck is that it will change
red_largeThe secret of being tiresome is to tell everything
red_largeThe vagabond when rich is called a tourist
red_largeUnless the job means more than the pay, it will never pay more
red_largeViolent plays need trauma critics
red_largeWell done is better than well said
red_largeWhat we anticipate seldom occurs; what we least expect generally happens
red_largeWhen both intuition and logic agree, you are always right
red_largeWorry is the interest paid on trouble before it becomes due
red_largeYou are only what you are when no one is looking
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Salada Red - "Stop Sign"
Stop A bachelors blackbook is full of near Mrs.
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Salada Small Taglines
Small A baby Ostrich puts its head in the sandbox .
Small A bachelor is a guy with no wife expectancy .
Small A bachelor's blackbook is full of near MRs. .
Small A broker is a man on the right end of a telephone .
Small Accidents happen. That's why there are so many different kinds of salad .
Small A censor is someone who puths his "no's" in everybody's business .
Small A clean tie will always attract the soup of the day .
Small A cow is an animal that owes a lot to udders .
Small A crowd is not company .
Small Active baby: flash in the pram .
Small Actor's boat party: all HAMS on deck .
Small A dirty book gathers no dust .
Small A faux pas gives you an err ache .
Small A friend is one who knows all about you and loves just the same .
Small After the music conference minuets were typed .
Small A gem is no polished without rubbing, nor man made perfect without trials .
Small A golf ball is a golf ball no matter how you putt it .
Small A good scare is worth more than good advice .
Small A good way to save is to keep the lower half shut .
Small A horse is an animal that can take thousands of people for a ride .
Small A hypocrite is a man who pays his taxes with a smile .
Small All heiresses are beautiful .
Small A low-cut dress creates cold shoulders .
Small Always borrow from a pessimist - he never expects to get it back .
Small Always forgive your enemies. Seldom does anything annoy them more .
Small Ancient hill top castle: ruin with a view .
Small Ancient tigers rattled sabers .
Small An egomaniac is someone who's hard of listening .
Small An electrician is a man who wires homes for money .
Small An old fashioned laundry is one that still tears buttons off by hand .
Small An ulcer is a pain in the neck that dropped .
Small Anyone who works for a law firm makes loopholes .
Small A pig bought on credit is forever grunting .
Small A poet can survive anything but a misprint .
Small April the 15th should be called tax-giving day .
Small A prude whispers sweet nothing-doings in your ear .
Small Aquaduct: waterwalk for birds .
Small A rake in the grass bites when stepped on .
Small Archaeologists work in the lost and found department .
Small Artist that jog usually become great panters .
Small A rumor goes in one ear and out many mouths .
Small A shotgun wedding is a case of wife or death .
Small A small space constricts the Boa .
Small A smile is a curve that can set many things straight .
Small A specialist is a doctor with a smaller practice but a bigger home .
Small A stitch in time saves embarrassment .
Small A-students are up to know-good .
Small A synonym is a word you use when you can;t spell the other one .
Small A teaching Optometrist sees many pupils .
Small A toast-of-the-town needs a lot of bread .
Small A tree never hits a car except in self-defense .
Small Auto mechanics do exhausting work .
Small Average person: What we all think we're not .
Small Avid fisherman rush from one ex-stream to another .
Small A wedding ring is like a tourniquet. It stops your circulation .
Small A well cared for cub is a pander bear .
Small Baby snakes have rattlres .
Small Beauty is only skin deep, but ugly goes clean to the bone .
Small Be careful in stretching the truth, it may snap back! .
Small Beer in a water bed makes a foam mattress .
Small Ben Franklin got a big charge from lightning .
Small Beginners gardening manual: trowel and error .
Small Bell buoys serve ocean travelers .
Small Be sure you never pass up a good opportunity to remain quiet .
Small Best job in watch factory - making faces .
Small Best sellers have plots of gold .
Small Beware of Wall Street … it begins in a graveyard and ends in a river .
Small Blood test: when relatives overstay their visits .
Small Body language is the universal tongue .
Small Boiling points in people differ in degrees .
Small Boot camp: where shoe salesman train .
Small Broadway Marquees: royalty visiting the theater .
Small Bulletin board: where soldiers practice .
Small Busy bakers make lots of dough .
Small BUY!: One word commercial .
Small Cache: Place to store cash .
Small Calculated risk: computer dating .
Small Card players spend a good deal of time together .
Small Carrying a tune is a heavy load for rock singers .
Small Checks and Balances: famous juggling act .
Small Children are grand but grandchildren are grander .
Small Children often make parents feel old and grandparents feel young .
Small Child's mud pie in the kitchen: grime and punishment .
Small Clothiers give good customers on-the-cuff treatment .
Small Clothing store close-out: thread bare .
Small Clowining glory; funny hat .
Small Comic: THE GRIN REAPER .
Small Common sense could prevent most divorces & most marriages .
Small Companies can throw a curve with the bottom line .
Small Condomaximum: very large Condo .
Small Corporate downsizing: title waive .
Small Crash diets always let you down .
Small Tiny economical restaurant: Five & Dine .
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