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Tres jolieux pour visite notre website!

On this site we will show you our TeaTag collection, our great hobby.


This hobby was started somewhere in the 80's of last century by Bert. He first collected stamps. But then it is easy to buy all last years stamps in one single buy. No fun collecting!

Next step were sugerbags. But those were so common and available in huge amounts, it lost Berts interest very quickly. The stamps were still in mind, and because tealabels look like stamps........ He started with the Pickwick brand and others which were drunk in his direct environment. Collecting has been on low profile for a while, but because of the Internet, Bert picked up his hobby in the nineties. He started to get exchange-contacts across the border.

Highlights of our collection
* The labels which started the collection:

* Meanwhile, we have over 14.500 all different labels.

* Teatag number 10.000 was:

* The average increase is approximately 1000 labels a year.

* Last two years, it was even over 2000 labels a year.

* Only 317 labels to go and we reach: ---- 15.000 ---

* The biggest brand is Lipton. At the moment we have 818 all different teatags from Lipton.

* Second place goes to Teekanne (including Pompadour) with 779 different labels.

* Third place is for Twinings with 380 labels.

* A Dutch brand is on fourth place, it is Pickwick with 343 labels.

He became member of “De Theeleut”, a magazine for teabag-collectors. From 2004 onwards, together with his girlfriend, he visited teabag-exchanges. Ever since then, the amount of labels grew amazingly fast.

Through this site we will keep you informed about the progress (and counters) on our label collection.

We have provided scans of all the tea tags we have collected over the years.
If you have any questions, remarks or suggestions, please don't hesitate to send us an e-mail by clicking the “contact” button on the site.

To keep the collection up-to-date, we have a weekly job of approximately 5-8 hours. Especially since we also have to maintain this website.

This site is a nice way to make our collection visible. We had to, because on exchanges, it is very hard to distinguish the one label from the other. This was also a goed means to start scanning all labels. The site is build around all different brands, top be found left in the navigation bar. Click on it and you will be leaded to that brand. More information can be found over there, if available of course.

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Have fun!
Bert & Sofie

P.S. If you have any labels lying around with no purpose, send us a mail.

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