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Nordqvist - Spreuken / Quotes
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Spreuk / Quote
A cup of tea is a cup of peace
A cup of tea is like a warm hug
A cup of tea solves everything
A hot cup of tea is like a bath on the inside
All you need is love and a cup of tea
All you need is tea and warm socks
Every cup of tea tells a story
First I drink tea. Then I do things
Happiness is dipping biscuits in tea
Have a cup of positivitea
Have a tea and let it be
Hello is it tea you're looking for
Hi tea. Let's relax together. Love, me
Home is where my teamug is
Hones-tea ias the best policy
It will get better. I will make tea
It's always tea o'clock
It's always tea time
It's tea o'clock somewhere
Keep calm and put the kettle on
Love is a warm nice cup of tea
My blood type is tea
Sip me baby one more time
Sip sip hooray!
Smell like tea spirit
Sweet dreams are made of teas
Tea is always a good idea
Tea is like a sunrise in a cup
Tea is liquid wisdom
Tea is my thearpy
Tea is the finest solution
Tea time is me time
Tea. A hug in a cup
Today is a multiple cups of tea kind of day
Wake up and smell the tea
Where there is tea, there is hope
You are my cup of tea
You, me and a cup of tea
You're my bes-tea
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